What is ns.10be.de?

Well, for your own Nightscout To set up an instance, some work is already necessary.
So I automated it a bit further. So you can now easily over the profile (after a free registration), Create and manage multiple nightscout instances.

In short, it's a Managed Nightscout Service. Apart from your settings (with a click), you don't have to do anything else.
The rest is done automatically by 10BE in the background for the user.

The exact process in the background is explained below Features

internal Status-, our Twitter-Status-, or external status.ns.10be.de Page.

What are your advantages?

Why am i doing this What do you have of it?
  1. Start
  1. It will be chargeable from October 1st, 2021 because the operating costs have become too high.

  2. A lot of people ask me whether I can help them or set up a nightscout server. This saves me a lot of work :-)

  3. I try to automate the administration so much that you do not have to do much manual work anymore.

  4. The 10BE site has existed since 2017 and is based on an ongoing project from 2007.

  1. Data Privacey
  1. The servers is located in Germany/Finland (EU, selectable).

  2. A database backup is created every 6 hours and one from the server every night.
    Retention time maximum 7 days.
    The storage is also carried out twice on its own backup storage (no external access, pull process).

  3. I will only access it if the user makes a request (e.g. has problems with the uploader app).

  1. Support/Easy
  1. You can install Nightscout with a few clicks and use it directly and further customize it in the browser.

  2. Automatic updates from Nightscout (Dev, Master, Old).

  3. Older Nightscout versions can still be selected.

  4. Monitoring the services (every minute) over in-house and externals Monitoring -> status.ns.10be.de

  5. Fast Support over Mail, Twitter, Facebook.

  6. Full managed Nightscout.
    You just have to click on the desired settings.
  1. Data security
  1. A backup is created every 6 hours and one is saved every night from the entire server and externally (pull process).

  2. The cluster and MongoDB servers are protected by a firewall and are checked every day by external pentest tools.

  3. All servers are checked for changes with tiger, rkhunter and chkrootkit.
    Anomalies are identified with Fail2Ban and other filters.

What are the restrictions?

  1. Names & MongoDB
  1. No MongoDB admin panel.

  2. The MongoDB database cannot be accessed from outside.

  3. Each instance can be reached via "own-name.ns.10be.de:12345" with a freely selectable name, but with a random port.
    By activating the option "withoutport", you can also do without the port.

  1. Plugins & Updates
  1. The plugins "bwp", "boluscalc" and "boluswizardpreview" cannot be activated.

  2. The updates are only carried out automatically for large updates.

  3. With smaller updates it is necessary to use "redeploy" to update its server itself.

  1. Guarantees
  1. It is intended as a pure data storage device (diary)! The Code is created from the nightscout community and not from 10be!

  2. There are no claims due to errors or (non) use which can be asserted.

  3. It is "shared", your instance can be found by trying it out. It is therefore important to set the "Auth_Roles" to put on denied.

  4. In the event of errors that the system does not resolve itself, a message to support is required.

  1. ToDo
  1. Restore data from the backups made. Export to external MongoDBs

  2. Create your own read-only MongoDB user, via which external access is possible.

How do i start?

Quite simple and easy

Create an free account via regiser.
Click on the confirmation link in the first email.
Log in with the access data from the second email.

2Create Nightscout

Click on the menu item Server and then on the button "Add new server"
Now enter your desired goals and select the options and plugins that you want to use.

3Pay and use

After saving, it takes a short moment until the server is "running" stands.
If there is no payment yet, add one under Payments.
Then wear the Nightscout URL, which you can find in "Server URL" or "xDrip-Basis-URL" is displayed for the respective apps.